Toolings India corporation Range of Products

  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 – Jaw Self Centering Chucks
  • 4 – Jaw Independent Chucks
  • 4- Jaw Universal Faceplate Chucks
  • 4 – Jaw Big Bore Chucks
  • 4- Jaw Combination Chucks
  • 3- Jaw & 4 – Jaw Direct Mounting Chucks
  • 3- Jaw 4 – Jaw Grinding Machine Taper Mount Chucks
  • 3- Jaw & 4 – Jaw Precision Chucks for Indexing Heads
  • Faceplate Boring Mill Jaws
  • Backplates / Flanges / Adoptors / Intermediate Plates
  • Spares for ‘CLAMPWELL’ Brand Lathe Chucks
  • These 3 – Jaw Scroll operated self centering precision chucks are developed to meet the requirements of the fast developing machine tool Industries. These Lathe chucks are supplied with hard reverse and forward jams, operating key and mounting bolts. On users request the soft jaw blanks are offered, so as to achieve ideal clamping accuracy after being re- machined. Chucks alignment conforms to ISI – Specification IS- 2876 / 1978

    Range : Dia. 100 mm to Dia. 630 mm.

    Available : In Cast Iron  Body / Steel Body

    These 4 – Jaw Independent Chucks are extremely robust in design and construction. These Chucks have far more gripping power can be effectively used for operation where very high torque is required. The standard 4 - Jaw Chucks are supplied with Single Slot with Hard reversible Jaws, operating key and mounting bolts. The Double Slotted Chuck body has two slots to accommodate extra bearings necessary in Heavy duty operation. The double slots also prevent any lateral bending of the Jaws during shock loads. These can be mounted on any lathes with Chuck Adaptor / back Plate. Chuck Alignment conforms to ISI – Specification IS -10612 / 1983.

    Range : Dia. 100 mm to 915 mm – Single Slot
    Dia. 400 mm to 915 mm – Double Slots.
    Available : In Cast Iron Body / Steel Body

    These Chucks are available with 2- Jaw / 4 - Jaw scroll operated self centering type, and are suitable for processing all kinds of special work pieces, such as pipe castings, rectangular work pieces and irregular shape jobs. They are remarkable for their automatic centering and quick clamping. The structure parameters of these chucks are much the same as those of Clampwell 3 -jaw self centering Chucks accuracy conforms to IS -2876 / 1978.
    Range : Dia. 160mm to 315mm
    Available : In Cast Iron Body / Steel Body.
    These 4 – Jaw Combination Chucks have structural features of the self centering type as well as independent type, which enable the jaws to achieve a self centering clamping and to be independently adjusted separately. These chucks are useful for high accuracy and for gripping repeatability. Therefore it is very helpful in mass process of irregular shape workpiece, because there is no need for repetitive adjustment which saves time to enhance productivity. This chuck can also be used on internal grinding machines, particularly for bore grinding in Non – Symetrical jobs. The combination chuck has a little extra height body, set of 4 – Jaws (A combination of master jaws and independent Movable Jaws), set of screws & locking pins, Scroll plate, 3- Pinions, Pusher Plate, Key with handle and mounting bolts.
    Range : Dia. 200mm to Dia. 400 mm.
    Available: In Cast Iron Body /Steel Body